About Us

Tae With Jane NY, a women's clothing boutique - arrived fresh on the NYC fashion scene in 2008 found by the designer, Tae. The boutique was located in East Village, New York with selections of other designers and unique style of Tae's collections. Most creations of the brand's (Tae with Jane NY) collections are made in NYC and designed by Tae.

Tae gained great renown in fashion sphere with the invention of her brand's icon, the Classic Red Lace Dresses and some garments that are inspired with the vintage look for a romantic image of the past. Every Tae design is built and made to flatter the woman who wears it.

In 2015, Tae moved her work studio/the atelier from East Village to Queens in New York and opened the online boutique for people who looks for that special something. She now has more collections of her own brand and still carries selections of local and other designers.